Creating a culture of Creation care Among the Christian Community

YMCA Jaffna, with the financial support of the Kavery Kala Madram, is conducting an awareness programme on environmental concerns under the name “Creating a Culture of Creation Care.” The orientation seminar was held on 16.08.2023. Thirty members of YMCAs, churches, and organisations participated.

Resource: Rev. S. Joshua, Director, Kaveri Kala Manram: Understanding Climate Change Impact and Risk, Dr.S.J.Arasakesary, Senior Lecturer, University of Jaffna: Creation, Climate, and Food Cultivation, and Mr.Leo Marshall Manogharan, Consultant Director, Cargills Agro Development Company: Sustainable Agriculture Establishment. The first awareness session was held on 09.09.2023 at the Apostolic Church in Chundikuli, and ten seminars were held as of 31.12.2023

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