Talent Search

The competition in western music was conducted by the YMCA Jaffna for many years, but after the ethnic issue, only three years were conducted with the support of Uduvil Girls’ College. Due to a lack of human and financial resources, it was pending for some years.

Later, The Talent Search has been organised since 2017 by the Talent Search Committee in partnership with the Western Music Society of St. John’s College, Jaffna, and the YMCA Jaffna.

This was started with the intention of encouraging music lovers in Jaffna to use their God-given talents in the best possible manner. The three-fold task:

To identify talent and develop musical ability in Jaffna

To promote western music in Jaffna

To promote Sri Lankan originals (both Tamil and Sinhala songs),

The TS 23 commenced in July 2023 and was completed on 19th August 2023. The performance and award ceremony were conducted on 21st August 2023, at Peto Hall, St. John’s College.

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