Preschool Educational Tour 2020

Children of four Preschools and the Members of Children Clubs went on a tour on 17th February 2020. In this  event  Gandhi Preschool, Ariyalai, Kalaivani Preschool, Navanthurai, St.Judes Preschool, Ariyalai and Poompugar Preschool, Poompugar altogether four Preschools around 50 children and their parents were Participated. They visited Palaly Airport, A Famous Hindu Temple named Keerimalai Naguleswaram Temple, Thellipalai, Christa Seva Ashram, Chunnakam, KKS Railway Station and hereafter enjoyed themselves at KKS Beach.   Chavakachchery Security authorities helped us to obtain permission to visit Palaly Airport and Provided free Transport to the tourist.

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