The Jaffna YMCA is located in at a strategic location in the Jaffna Peninsula, in the North of the Country, established in 1890.

The 131 year old Jaffna YMCA works for the development of youth, children and care of elders. Though the YMCA was adversely affected many times during the ethnic crisis, it continues to carry out its good services to the public. Presently, the refurbished Hostel and the Main Hall are an asset and enables us to render a better service.


YMCA is a Christian Movement

  • To which all peoples flock & unite.
  • To find oneness in Christ
  • To usher Peace of God on our land
  • To reach one’s own pinnacle of human achievement
  • For the ultimate Glory of the Creator of all.


Following the teaching of Jesus Christ:

YMCA is to mobilize the spirit and action of youth to unite all people to usher in and preserve justice, prosperity and peace, through exemplary Spirit- filled living, righteous action and collective social endeavor, upholding and protecting the God-given rights for every human being and sustaining God’s creation, for the extrusion of His Kingdom on Earth.


The red triangle with a black bar across it over which the word YMCA is our logo – the global identification of the YMCA. The triangle represents the YMCA pursuing holistic development equilaterally nurturing mind body and spirit. The horizontal bar with YMCA is the binding force.

The Basics

The basis of the association shall be that which was adopted at the first world convention of YMCA held in Paris in 1855, which is:

The Young Men Christian Association seeks to unite those young men who regarding Jesus Christ as their God and Savior according to the Holy Scriptures, desire to his disciples in their doctrine and in their life, and to associate their efforts for the extension of his Kingdom among young men.


Indoor Games

Facilities exist for Table Tennis, Badminton, Carrom, Chess etc…


We have room with common and attached washrooms for cheaper, comfortable, convenient and secure stay.

Hall / Auditorium

The main hall is rented to the public, NGOs and Government Departments to conduct public functions, seminars and workshops.


The objective of the association is to unite young men and boys together for the development of the physical, social, intellectual, economical and spiritual manhood and to inspire them with Christ’s ideals of service and lead them to discipleship, to co-operate with the church and other organization working for the welfare of Sri Lanka and to stimulate the formation of the movements for the highest advancement of humanity.

Our Responsibility

To promote exemplary Sprit-filed living among all communities extension of God’s Kingdom on Earth
To mobilize the spirit and action of youth.
To promote righteous action sustaining God’s creation.
To unite all peoples to usher in and preserve peace, justice and prosperity, through collective social endeavors, upholding and protecting the God given rights of every human being.


Religious Work

  • Bible Quiz Competition
  • Carol Service
  • Chapel Service
  • World YM/YWCA Week of Prayer
  • Light of  the World Speech Contest

Children’s Development

  • Preschools – 03
  • Children’s Club activities

Youth Development

  • Workshops / Seminars on – Spirituality
    • Leadership
    • Disaster Management
  • Shramadana work

Community Development

  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Prevention of Dengue
  • Human Rights Education


  • Indoor Games
  • Coaching for school Athletes
  • Training for Trainers

Cultural Programs

  • Dance and Drama Competitions
  • Talent Contests – Western Music
  • Cultural activities

Relief / Social Work

  • Emergency Disaster Relief
  • Relief for Elders
  • Medical Clinics
  • Eye Examinations
  • Shoes to poor students


The Jaffna YMCA has a management body of 15 Board of Directors and staff. The Directors have various responsibilities and separate committees are elected for each Programme & Project.

The Annual General Meeting of the Jaffna YMCA is conducted every year. The President, Two Vice Presidents, and a Treasurer are elected by the Board of Directors each year.

Every month accounts are tabled at the Board Meeting and at the end of the year the accounts are audited by the registered Chartered Accountants and presented at the AGM for the approval of the members.