Leadership Training for School Prefects 2013 – I

dsc03367 The Training was held on 7th February 2013 at Jaffna YMCA. 47 Students and 3Teachers participated from the following schools:- Vembadi Girls’ High School, St. Patrick’s College, J/Central College, J/Hindu Ladies College, St. Charles. M.V, Chundikuli Girls’ College, J/Osmaniya College, J/Vaideyshwara College, J/Kanakaratnam M.M.V and JaffnaHindu College.  The details of Lecturers and Subjects:
  1. Traffic Regulations by Mr.V.Pathmanathan, Retired Assistant Commissioner of Motor Traffic
  2. Leadership  by Mr.V.Veerapathrapillai, Retired Officer, Jaffna Kachcheri
  3. Carrier Guidance by Mr.V.Arulanantham, Regional Manager, National Savings Bank.
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