The Annual General Meeting of the Jaffna YMCA 2017/2018

The Annual General Meeting of the Jaffna YMCA was held on 28.08.2017 at the YMCA Auditorium with the President Rev.V.Daniel Jeyaruban.  38 members participated in the proceedings. Mr.Nishan, Mr.Donald, Mr.T.Balasubramaiyam, Mr.Dinesh P.Gunaratnam, Mr. P.Andrew Praveen elected to serve in the Board. A fellowship dinner was served after the AGM. The following members were elected as Office Bearers. Rev.V.Daniel Jeyaruban– President,  Mr.Dinesh P.Gunaratnam -  Vice President,  Mr.P.Andrew Praveen - Vice President, and Mr.A.Donald  - Treasurer.  Mr.T.Jutharaja  elected as Ex Co member. YMCA Jaffna 1 YMCA Jaffna 2 YMCA Jaffna 3 YMCA Jaffna 4 YMCA Jaffna 5 YMCA Jaffna 6 YMCA Jaffna 7
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