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Presented with Bibles – 2017

G.C.E O/L Students of J/ Columbothurai Hindu M.V.(CHMV) were presented with Bibles for  studies on Christianity at their request. The distribution was made  at J/ Columbothurai Hindu Maha Vidiyalayam   on 28th February 2017. Rev.N.J.Gnanakarunyan (Chaplain YMCA), Mr.A.Donald (Treasurer YMCA), Mr. S.Gowry Shangar (Liaison Officer YMCA), Mr.S.Jeyarajasingam (General Secretary YMCA), Principal, Teachers and Students were present.

Preschool Excursion – 2017

Three Preschool Children went on an excursion on 16th February 2017. They visited Thirunelvelly Market, Agriculture Farm, Post Office, a Temple, Ashram-Maruthanarmadam and enjoyed themselves  at a Beach in KKS. Thirty three students, four Teachers, Parents, Mr. T.Jutharajah (Chairman), Mr.S.Jeyarajasingam (Gen. Secretary) and Mr. S.Gowry Shangar (Liaison Officer) participated.