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Leadership Training 2015

  Leadership Training for School Prefects was held on 14th February 2015 at YMCA Jaffna. 35 Students attended from following schools. Vembadi Girls’ High School, St Patrick’s College,J/Central College, J/Hindu Ladies College, Read more »

Distribution of Christmas Gift 2015

  The gift items were distributed on 24th January 2015 to the Children of NUFFIELD school, Uduvil Girls’ College, and St John’s College. Read more »

YMCA Village 2015

  The Directors visited the village on 11 st January 2015. 15 Gift packets were distributed among the Elders. A Meeting was held with some members of the village. Read more »

Karunaniliyam Kilinochi 2015


The Directors handed over the Christmas Gift for the orphaned Children at Karunaniliyam on 11th January 2015. Mr.S.Vijayakulasingam Retired DNGS of NCY and the District Director Scout entertained the children with sing song etc. Read more »