Monthly Archives - November 2018

The World YMCA/YWCA  Week of Prayer 2018

The above week of prayer was observed from Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th November 2018. Prayer meetings were conducted at the residents of the Directors of Board and at the  YMCA.  At the Meetings Parish Priests, Board of Directors, Members, YWCA Members and Well-wishers, participated.  The First day  on 11th November 2018,  was observed along with the service of the nearby Churches.


Awareness on Diabetes 2018  

A Medical Camp on Diabetes was conducted at Jaffna Town on 14th November 2018 with the collaboration of the Jaffna Diabetes Association (JDA). The Programme was inaugurated by Dr.T.Sathiyamoorthy, The Director, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, by way of drawing blood sample, person from the public.